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Motor Sports Association Medical Examination


It is a requirement of the Motor Sports Association that all new applicants, aged 18 or over, for a Car, Truck or Kart Racing Competition Licence, and all International Licence applications, must pass a Medical Examination performed by a Doctor before applying for their first licence. Medicals4Pilots are able to perform the full range of medical examinations required by the Motor Sports Association, including where it is a requirement, an electrocardiogram (ECG).

National Competition Licence

Applicants for a National Competition Licence who are over the age of 45 must undergo and pass an annual medical examination. Applicants under 45 are able to complete an annual medical self certification until the age of 45. There is no requirement for an ECG for this category of licence. The Competition Licence must be issued within 3 months of the date of the medical examination.

International Competition Licence

All applicants for an International Competition Licence must pass a Medical Examination every year. Every 2 years for applicants under 45 this includes a requirements for a 12-lead Resting electrocardiogram. For drivers 45 and over there is a requirement for a Stress electrocardiogram

Medical Examination

Before booking a Medical Examination you need to apply for a "Go Racing" pack from the Motorsports Association, which includes a medical form which you will need to bring to the examination.

The examination will involve:

  • Full medical history
  • General physical examination, including blood pressure, heart, neurology, musculoskeletal system
  • Urine sample to check for Diabetes
  • Vision testing
  • Colour blindness testing, with particular emphasis on distinguishing between red/green

The fee for a Medical Examination is £60 without an electrocardiogram, £160 including an electrocardiogram. The fee is payable on or before the day of the Medical Examination.

West Midlands Clinic

Examinations are undertaken at the West Midlands Hospital, in Halesowen near to Birmingham, just off junction 3 of the M5.

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